Prescription Refills

Refills can be requested at the time of appointment or requested via voicemail.  Please allow the office at least one week notice before your prescription is to run out if phoning in for a refill.

This office does not participate in E-prescribing nor receive faxes.

Arrangements for and continued good faith payment of bills is required for continued medication refills.

We actively utilize the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program.

A word about “Insurance Prior Authorizations”:  this office strives to recommend and prescribe effective and affordable medications to fit the indications and clinical presentations of patients based on our current understanding of psychopharmacology and medical science.  But your insurance company may or may not agree to pay for your prescriptions.

This office will make a good faith attempt to assist you by participating in this “Prior Authorization” process to some extent.  However, as insurance companies make this process more onerous you may need to secure funding for medications, advocate for payment by your insurance directly, or accept the lower cost medications your insurance company recommends despite clinical judgment to the contrary.

The Big-box pharmacies’  unpredictable hours of operation and peculiar refill policies  may cause delay or cancellation of prescription refills. It is encouraged to have alternate plans, establish profiles at more than one pharmacy, and utilize locally-owned pharmacies more tailored to customer service.